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Thread: Do you hide forums from guests ?

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    Re: Do you hide forums from guests ?

    I enjoy having guests to see my whole forum except for maybe a VIP or Staff Section here or there.


    ~I always add VIP

    ~I always have a staff room

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    Nope, I dont hide them at all from guests, everyone can see everything except staff forums

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    I hide only one forum, that is a spam forum that is only available to members that make 25 posts. It's to deter members from signing up just to post in the spam forum, taking away from quality content. Also staff forums are hidden, but that is to be expected at any forum.

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    I don't hide posts, and it's nearly silly for anyone to.

    Think of it this way, if you hide your forums, that means that search spiders can't access it either, since they view websites as robots. Now you COULD add robots to a registered group, which is a black-hat SEO technique known as "cloaking", which could very well get you banned by google.

    Either way, it's bad business.

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