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Thread: Do you want to be admin or moderator on a forum ?

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    Re: Do you want to be admin or moderator on a forum ?

    Yeah i want.. Also on Help of forumotion and on this website.

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    Re: Do you want to be admin or moderator on a forum ?

    from first joining a forum, i wondered what it was like to be a mod. then when i became a mod, i always wanted to see what it is like to be an admin, then i wanted to make my own forum, been gradually working my way up over the years.

    i would love to be an admin on a really big forum!
    Kayls-Most Haunted Forum Admin

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    Well I've worked a lot of places, and I'm the owner of my own forum, but I find time to work at other places too. I don't care if I am staff at a forum, I just like to help out places if they want me to work for them.

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    If I was asked this question earlier, my answer would have been, yes, I want to be something, be it admin or mod. Currently I'm Mod/S.Mod in some huge boards. But after I started making my own forums, I hardly get time to work for other's as my own forum is getting bigger everyday. So now, I don't want to be admin/mod of any forum

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    I love working on forums... and i am dedicated to helping them out and keeping all the posts safe and secure... ok i would love to be an admin as i think that i could help more around the forums i am on.... but i will simply have no time to do the job in my opinion.... as some may know i am off to portugal in a few weeks... this is to study to be cabin crew for an european airline... i have to study reall hard and I may not be on as much as i am now... but i will try to be... I would still love to have the opportunity to be an admin but I dont mind if i am not...

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    I enjoy admining forums. Currently I'm the lead admin at 6 forums that I own, but also work on other peoples forum in a technical aspect to improve them which total 14 right now.

    So I think 20 communities to manage is enough for one person!

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    I hate moderators and admins who think they're better than their members. I'm a member of some forums where moderators break lots of the guidelines (swearing, racism, etc.) but they don't get demoted

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