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    How do you deal with duplicate topics? Do you lock the duplicate or do you merge the duplicate with the original?

    I usually lock them myself but I do also ocassionally merge topics.

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    either merge them, lock them or delete one or both of them, it depends

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    Well, I usually lock one of them. But I should of try merging them.

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    I only merge them if there is a need for it, if not I inform the person that their topic has been moved to the dump bin as it was a duplicate and a link to the thread that was already there.

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    Cant say ive ever come across such things on forums ive ran or been staff on.

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    I will either delete, merge topics or just moved to trash for keeping the topic count. But mostly will merge the topics as they are the same one.

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    I just merge them. No use wasting a topic by deleting them.

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    If it's got posts in it i'll merge it, if not it goes to the bin.

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    Usually lock it, but if it's got a good no. of posts, I'll merge them.

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