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Thread: Empty Forums

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    Are you talking about a forum without posts, or a forum without posts in maybe two years? .

    There's a difference, and obviously you don't post there unless you're helping the owner to revive the forum or help it get up on its feet.

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    Depends. If there are 20 active (20k+ posts) and one inactive forum, I wouldn't be turned off. It may be because its a new forum, or something special about to be made.

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    If I find an empty forum, I try to find out the date it was launched. If its new, then its cool. But old empty forums turn me off for sure

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    I hate it man, for example, i am doing an exchange with that forum but when i look at the index page it is all empty. Then, i am suppose to help him start topics instead of doing posts. It also makes the forum looks inactive and unliking.

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    I personally hate, when I got to a new forum and see half of the sections empty. I mean turn the visibility off or do something. Dont just leave it empty.

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    They make the admin and staff look lazy or like that forum has no use. Big turn-off.

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