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    How much of a turn off are empty forums to you?

    For me they are quite a big turn off actually, really think they look unprofessional.

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    I really hate them, it just looks terrible on the forum.

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    I don't really care but it just makes the forum look a mess and an unactive forum. If I see a forum that is empty I would notify an admin to tell them that its ugly

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    I agree with you all they look a turn off for any new members who would like to join the site.

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    Lol, only reason a forum would be empty is if it was inactive, so if it's there, huge turn-off.. Buh-bye forum Lol

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    It depends, if I see the staff is actually trying to get it active, I'll join and help out the community. But if it's just empty, and the staff is lazy, it's a huge turn off.

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    I don't care about empty forums, it just how much there are. If it's more than 5 out of 10, we have a problem.

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    If theres atleast 2 empty forums, its a real turn off, it looks really crappy to me. If theres one, that can be deleted or edited to add posts or something.

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    I don't just forums if there is a lot of empty forums.

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    It depends. If the forum is new and such, there is a reason for it to be empty. Also, if the forum has a theme like that, and the GDs are bigger than the empty forum, again, it's alright. Not everyone is into that specific topic.

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