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Thread: Exclusive interview with ESPN commentator on manutdbuzz

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    Jim Proudfoot Interview

    We are proud to announce ESPN Commentator Jim Proudfoot talks exclusively to Manutdbuzz about Referee's, the Glazers and football in general.

    can be seen at

    To listen to the interview you will have to be a registered member of manutdbuzz.

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    I listened to the whole thing (honestly, not that closely) but it was top notch stuff.

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    THat's cool that you guys are being recognized by one of, if not the biggest sports reporting companies in the world.

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    Thank you both, we were shocked he was so open and talked as if it was just two lads in the pub talking over a few beers. and he has said he will also do more interviews in the future aswell which is a great thingf for us.

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    Nice one , out of interest do you have to pay anything or does he do it for free?

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