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Thread: facebook apps for community

  1. facebook apps for community

    how do you advertise you facebook apps with out investing to advertise in facebook?

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    Word of mouth - although it depends on how your app works but making your app post on peoples walls is a good idea.

    Of course once your app gets bigger advertising on FB is a good way to get people.
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  3. havent tried mine yet as i need 5 to 10 people so i can submit it. how can i set it for the apps to post peoples wall?

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    Did you code the app yourself? To get it so its in the directory I would ask some personal friends to join it.
    Programmer, web developer and entrepreneur.

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    Well just ask some of your personal friends to join so that you can submit it to the directory. You can also write a post on your blog requesting your visitors add your app. Or you can pay people over here say, $0.10 to add the app

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    Create a fan page for your application, then create a twitter account for it and have posts from your fan page automatically feed into it. Then Refollow - Twitter relationship manager

    Good luck
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