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Thread: Favicons

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    Favicons are a must. Makes a site look more neat.

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    I really like favicons. It's so much easier to find the right site in your bookmarks by just looking at the icons. But it's not the end of the world if a site is missing a favicon. Because after all its the content that decides if I ever will visit the site again.*

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    I think favicons make a site look much more professional. It's great to have one if you sell something.

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    Favicons are big part of a sites image. Most importantly, however, it's always good to make sure the favicon works with your site. It's not wise to have a sunshine favicon for something that deals with gaming.. just doesn't work.

    I always believe the favicon should go with the theme, or even use the logo as a favicon sometimes.

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    favicon is a minor detail, but I prefer having one. someone once said that favicon helps to identify your site. it can also acts as an identity of the site. I try to add favicon to my site whenever I can. ^^

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    Yeah, I prefer sites with favicons because we know the admin's can put their back into doing one extra thing for the community.

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