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Thread: Favicons

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    Favicons do they really make a difference to hoe your view a site?

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    Sometimes. I don't mind if it doesn't have one, but having one shows care towards impressions.

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    IMO, favicons are a minor detail, but they definitely make the forum better

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    They're nice to have to easily identify a site and to show pride.

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    Sites with a favicon give a better impression but if they don't have one it's not the end of the world. AC needs a new favicon though

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    yes it does as its the default IPB one is it not?

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    Favicons, for me, make the site look much better. I'd think less of a site without a favicon.

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    It's not like it would have a negative impact if a forum doesn't have one, but if it does it certainly makes me look better towards the forum.

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    [quote name='sazhazey' date='11 June 2010 - 09:12 AM' timestamp='1276243921' post='17188']

    yes it does as its the default IPB one is it not?


    Not any more, finally got round to changing it a while back

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    I need to get a favicon for my sites!

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