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Thread: Favourite Coding Language?

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    What is yours? Mine would be PHP because of how versatile it is.

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    My favorite is also php cuz i can do alot with it

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    I don't know PHP , but otherwise JSP and Javascript is my favourite .

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    Back when I was into forums, and was forum smart, i liked them all, I could use them all with little problems, but now I've basicly lost alot of the knowledge of forum based stuff.

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    I know abit of HTML and PHP, but VB is what I code best.

    So I guess VB is my favorite programming language.

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    If I had to learn every programming language, PHP obviously would be important, but a good understanding of xHTML/CSS (even though they're not actually languages) always helps. What really will be important though is AJAX (asynchronous Javascript and XML). Modern forum software will really embrace it soon and it'll really improve efficiency of loading stuff since it only loads parts of files which are actually updated.

    EDIT: HOWEVER, a very important language to learn is C. Why? Because most modern languages are derived from it, so you can easily port your C language to learn stuff like PHP, C++, and Java to name some.

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    I only know HTML and CSS. I'm learning PHP but it's hard.

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