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Thread: Firing Staff

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    How often, if at all, do you fire staff?

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    Now this would have to be a huge problem for everybody. I dont try to fire staff, I try to give them chances to straighten up. Its so hard to fire staff, just because alot of staff members have friends, and if the staff gets fired, then the fired staff may leave, taking some active members. Its even harder if your working with a childish person, because they will try to scam you, spam the forums, and maybe more.

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    I do that if someone slack off for no apparent reason.

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    I don't fire them, just retire them.

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    I don't like to fire, and have only ever done it twice. And both times it was for abusing power.

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    Not too often I'd like to hope Maybe once every 2 or 3 months?

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    I'm actually still waiting for my board to gain members. And, my Admin has been immature and spamming a lot so I just decided to fire him (retire ) from his position. If I need to do it, I will because that's how things work. And, I do give many chances for staff to straighten themselves, it's only fair...

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    I will fire anyone who bring bad publicity or troubles to the forum I run.

    I dont care about friends if they are affecting something you work hard to make good then they get the boot

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    I've never sacked anyone in over 10 years of running forums, as I make sure the person appointed ticks all the boxes first, I never appoint anyone unless they are full capable and committed to the job.

    I have lost staff who have moved on to other projects but all my staff have always been top notch. It also helps having my better half as the mod team leader

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    I always put my staff on a trial period of a few weeks before I put them in a position.

    If they fail and you own the forum, then it is within your right to remove them.

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