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Thread: Forum Admin Gets Suspended Sentence for Not Deleting Offensive Posts

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    Porn in Thailand? On a website? haha you busted! Can not have any

    Talk bad about the king
    Talk bad about the country
    Do anything bad to the country like have sex on a Thai flag....

    It do matters if the server is not in Thailand. 100 % of the people caught have servers in Thailand. The Internet police have no time tracking the people outside Thailand.

    Another case is a girl posted a another girls normal photo on a webboard she also got arrested.

  2. Stellenangebote OMG ! What wrong with those people ? Jobs I have never understood those Asia nations. The laws they got are just sick. Stellenmarkt
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    Seriously, WTF!

    Someone else posts something on your site and you're accountable.

    If someone posts a nude picture on your shop window will you get arrested?


    No offense

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    i was born in thailand, only lived for 3 years, im a full UK citizen etc, and no i can't speak Thai XD , but i find those laws stupid, and they arrest someone when its not even their fault
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    The forum admin can protect themselves by making sure that they have a "tos" and a report button to protest offensive material.

    Another consideration is whether the offensive material is actually uploaded to the board or it's just a hotlink.

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