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[align=center]About promoting, new members, working in a team and warning or banning noobs.[/align]1. What about the new members ?

If a new member joins you need to give him comfort, not to much but you need to make sure you have seen his presence.

On very large boards this thing is of course not possible but on medium or little forums this tactic could work out in your advantage.

The key to getting to know newbies is to get them to speak, talk about your RL what you just did today or what you are going to do and ask a random question

to those new people. But I strongly advice that with a chat box is the best of way of getting to know new people if the appear in chat of course. If they just look around and don't even boder to scroll up, it won't work.

If a member just looks around and doesn't post try and have a good chat through PM so you get to know him better. Most people will have there own forum or site. You can use that in your advantage, comment on his or her site/forum what you find of it. And only by doing that he or she will like you more then he or she did. If he/she is so far you can go deeper by joining if possible his site or forum. And being active there and he/she will likely be posting on your forum to, if not ask kindly and it will work out.


2. Warning/banning noobs. If they ask stupid questions ? yes/no

I'll tell you how to respond to such a situation. First make sure you understand the intentions of the person in question. Make sure you have a good defense to claim why you warned or banned him if he contacts you on a other site/forum.

First if he start spamming in forum that are not about what he is posting, about a other subject. For example A forum to talk about "PC Games" He posts a topic about his gaming site with a link in that forum.

*Now what will you do when you see it ?

-Delete it ?

-Move it to the promotion forum if you have one ?

-Or just lock it and leave it there ?

You just move it to the promoting forum if you have one. And if you don't you lock it and leave it there so other see see it, and if they don't you got some defense to tell them: A previous user has posted in here to to promote his forum and this isn't the place to do it so please don't do it again. You PM the user in question and explain to him what you did and why. Make sure he understand why you did it.


Now if a user gives suggestions in the Q&S forum and you know the already knows the answers. What to do then ?

You PM him and ask him: Why did you make that topic if you already knew the answers ? If he denies he doesn't know it and you know he does and got prove of it or have seen him on other forum doing it right. You lock the next topics he makes, warn him, or if you sent a PM him again to warn him you will ban him if he continues. And if he does you have full right to ban him. Now you have the option to ban him for a while lets say a month or 2 or forever ? What shall you take ? It depends on what he did, and how aggressive he did it.

Wasting staff time is never good. But I think, spamming is worse then troubling staff. Let me explain myself to you.

If a staff member is online, a review staff member. And lets call him "A" and he is just online and viewing the board not really busy doing something at that time. And a other members goes online person "B" just a normal member not staff.

And he ask a question he already knew. The staff member A sees it and respond at the best he can to make sure B understand and his question is answered. Now this is a very hard part, you can look into B's mind to know if he did it to waste staff time or to finish a 10/10 or 5/5 deal. Now is the best time to get info about the member and when you have then act with warning him or warning him you will ban him. (not giving him a point) Either way you lock his topic.

I will add more if forgot something. Please feel free to posts some other situations and I add them to this posts.


3. Working in a team will get your far.

If you make sure the connection between you and the other staff is good you can create much. On a board there is always work, never you have free time so make sure the work is balanced and everyone does his part. The key to success is having a board with a goal and people standing at your back when you need them. Promoting your forum can be easy or hard. It depends on the time you have free and where you promote. The key is finding the people that want to join right away without any questions if you find those people you have success. You also need to make sure the content on your board is appreciated by its members. Make sure that the topic you create are sometimes not always debatable or worth a good read.

4. Promoting alone or with more ?

This is maybe the most important factors of them all. If you hear promoting. What do you think then ? You think selling your product on the market where everyone pays a visit now and then. Now promoting is taking very large, you can add your forum to search engines like Chrome or Google and make sure people can find your forum or site by typing it in the bar. No the link bar the other one. There are allot of ways you can do, all designated to get the people to you and you not to them.

It would be great if you had to do nothing and they would come by them selves but I am afraid it doesn't work like that in the beginning. But once your forum is up and running they will come by themselves.

4.1 Promoting alone or with more ? That is the question.

The best way is to make sure everyone or most of the team know what you are doing and how long you do it. You need to make sure everyone in the team does promoting that way you won't lose much time with it. No one will. Because everyone does a piece of the daily pie. Making success come closer and everybody not losing much time.

Now how you promote is a step higher.


This guide has been written by me, master and I hope you liked it.

I felt like I had to add something to this wonderful forum.