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    Forum Host.

    I have had a hard thought on this since the forum opened and to be honest attracting activity and forum's is my biggest problem and I have thought about switching forum host's.

    I host Admin's Box on ForuMotion, and I do personally like ForuMotion but I feel that is the main reason member's won't join. So I have thought of restarting the board all over again, I was thinking of personally going to another host which may be IPB but I still need to think upon it as I don't have PayPal and my mom won't let me touch her's. If I move to IPB I have more choice of theme's and modification's to install and better chance of getting more pre-services. But this would take week's to set up as I would love to re-think the board again and what I shall do with the actual board itself, so I need your opinion's if I shall change host. No converting anything just restarting the board again and be prepared for the worst.

    I have still to discuss this with my other admin if he become's active for once, I would atleast 5 strong opinion's on why I should change by the end of the day so I know the best for Admin's Box.

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    Re: Forum Host.

    I'd go for self-hosted phpBB or MyBB myself... though software is not necessarily important, content is more important. The world's largest forum is using a modified version of phpBB. :P

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    Re: Forum Host.

    Well here's the noche, I don't exactly know how to set-up any of these, I honestly hae only expierenced freeware host's mind you i haven't created a forum just as much, I just would like to build it all to the right moment. I have read load's of tutorial's but just don't see where I start and I don't know the best of the requirements I need.

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    Re: Forum Host.

    Well SBFC the only good hosts you could get would be paid hosting but since Lawson said he doesint have paypal how could he. Also the free hosts arent that good and you could spend hours searching for a good one but probably find out its not so great...

    Lawsone if you dont know how to setup phpbb get webhosting etc.. I could try search for a decent free one for you and install the phpbb software for you if you really want to restart your board over again rather than sticking with your formotion board...

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    I'm on a budget of $0 so I know about the free forum providers, and my favorites to use are Zetaboards for it's extremely friendly interface for anyone who has never even attempted to make a forum. Currently I'm using IPBfree as it has a few nicer features than Zetaboards.

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