I have had a hard thought on this since the forum opened and to be honest attracting activity and forum's is my biggest problem and I have thought about switching forum host's.

I host Admin's Box on ForuMotion, and I do personally like ForuMotion but I feel that is the main reason member's won't join. So I have thought of restarting the board all over again, I was thinking of personally going to another host which may be IPB but I still need to think upon it as I don't have PayPal and my mom won't let me touch her's. If I move to IPB I have more choice of theme's and modification's to install and better chance of getting more pre-services. But this would take week's to set up as I would love to re-think the board again and what I shall do with the actual board itself, so I need your opinion's if I shall change host. No converting anything just restarting the board again and be prepared for the worst.

I have still to discuss this with my other admin if he become's active for once, I would atleast 5 strong opinion's on why I should change by the end of the day so I know the best for Admin's Box.