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Thread: Forum promotion ideas?

  1. Forum promotion ideas?

    I have recently started a forum for geeks, and so far I have promoted it using social bookmarking websites, directories and by signature links on related forums. I'm starting to get good SERPS but no-one is signing up to become a member.

    Can anyone suggest any other good ways to promote my forum?
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    Well, getting someone to signup is quite difficult unless you have a totally 'hapenning' forum with active members and many topics. One way is ofcourse posting with the link in the signature but posting on forums of the same niche might get some members to signup and post.

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    Have a Complete Profile

    Make sure after registering on the forum you go to the user control panel and fill in all optional fields.

    The usual fields are:

    • Instant Messaging Details – Make sure you give at least one of your details. As this makes others feel as if you’re more friendly and approachable.
    • Biography - Letting others know your past experience can really separate you from other people in the forums. Keep it short but
    • Location – If people know where you’re from they might take interest in your websites just for the sake of being in the same country.
    • Interests – Make sure your interests are both common to your website and the forum your on.
    • Occupation – This should be the occupation of whatever you’re selling or promoting.
    • Signature – This is probably the most important part of your personal profile. Every time you post on the forum, your post will be followed by your signature. You should link your website or websites here with catchy text to attract people. You don’t want to stand out to much as that will just annoy people and you risk losing reputation. Just keep it simple but catchy and people will click it if they are interested.
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    Try to make your fiorum different to others in the same niche, try and think of somthing creative that might bring in some members, contests with prize money is always a good one

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