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Thread: forum slow times.

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    forum slow times.

    I notice that with my forum that I get the most traffic mondays to Thursdays, from 0700 to 1600, this tells me that most of my posters are at work! this excludes my co-admin in NZ!

    are there any here that get more traffic in the weekend or evening? what are the tips? it could be the thing I am missing to boost numbers perhaps?

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    Re: forum slow times.

    Keep advertising and encouraging your members to post. It shouldn't really matter when they post, just as long as they are posting proper content and having a great time on the forum. You could also ask your member to post suggestions for the forum, get them involved and feel important.

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    Re: forum slow times.

    thanks for the reply, I must admit I am beginning to struggle to get new joins, I have joined a few promotion site now, and have got involved with this one as a packager which is good, however I bump fatigue is setting in, I have some quality posters but I think I suffer from my board being too general, I dont know.

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