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Thread: Forum software!

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    Re: Forum software!

    I just about understood that post, but the posts are the same. Yours was Phpbb vs Mybb (forum software) This is about forum software.

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    Re: Forum software!

    for free ones, SMF. PHPbb is too simple IMO and MyBB looks like it took most of IPB's code then just changed the layout and stuff so it would look like it's theirs.

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    Re: Forum software!

    phpbb3, Why? cause I studied php and its easy to use :yea

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    Re: Forum software!

    Hehe, I'd generally go for a PHP forum if I was trying to be professional about it. As it happens, all 3 forums I run are actually on zetaboards. Which is crap but has free hosting at least and lets me keep my own webspace free for my websites.

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    Re: Forum software!

    free Mybb

    Paid IPB

    Mybb good cause it like Vbulletin only minus the porn.

    IPB now it got Iphone app

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    Re: Forum software!

    Among the paid one's, vB is the best.

    And among the free one's phpBB is the best, though MyBB is growing too. Only bad thing about phpBB is the mod installation, really time consuming

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    Re: Forum software!

    My favorite is Zetaboards, it's great and has plenty of designs to choose from and the designs continue to grow.

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    Re: Forum software!

    I want PHPBB, Punbb, vBulletin, IPB, and of course Forumotion..

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    Re: Forum software!

    Well Phpbb has the fastest server out of them all, and its really customizable. But where we have Forumotion, it has praticly every good mod (Not all) but they are my favorite, but Phpbb 3.0.7 isteh best :yea

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