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Thread: Forum Types

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    I am more into warez forums. Also currently I'm joining various Admin forums.

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    I only go into the niche that i feel interested such as webmaster, manufacturing or engineering, self improvement. ISO or quality related forum

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    Most things get me going.

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    General Chat, Webmaster & Promotion Forums mainly get me going

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    I mostly join gaming and technology forum, I like good looking forum like this one (Admin community looks good ). The unmanaged forum scare me of.

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    [quote name='Nelliel' date='23 April 2010 - 03:29 AM' timestamp='1272011357' post='14399']

    What type of forum gets you going? Into it? Totally a part of them?

    And what turns you off?

    For me, it's mostly role-playing and anime that I'm into. But hey, other forums tend to catch my eye.

    I don't like sports forums though. They're just..I don't know =P They make no sense to me O.o


    Forums that I normally join because I want to and it is not part of some deal are mostly active gaming or Anime forum. I do like to join new active admin or promotion forum too but only if I think they will last at least a year. Now they are many types of forums that turn me off, I will never join the following forum types unless it is part of a deal or it is such a amazing forum it make me change my mind.



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