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    What type of forum gets you going? Into it? Totally a part of them?

    And what turns you off?

    For me, it's mostly role-playing and anime that I'm into. But hey, other forums tend to catch my eye.

    I don't like sports forums though. They're just..I don't know =P They make no sense to me O.o

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    Any general discussion board intrigues me. And, any forum with barley any posts or I agree, sports will just send me away. I can't stand them.

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    It tends to differ for me. I can only be on one forum per topic. If i get onto a forum with the same topic, I can't keep going back and forth with them

    Also sports forums, anime forums, or RP forums turn me off.

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    Le gasp~ You don&#39;t like anime nor RP? >.< Haha how unfair XD

    But yes, sports. I really don&#39;t get it =P

    And That&#39;s also true Wolfy O.o; When you&#39;re on one of one topic, it&#39;s hard to be on another XD of the same topic. Same things happening on both sites, that it makes near no sense.

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    Harry Potter gets me Going! I also like News sites too!

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    Graphics forums, i like to learn from them, and see what others can do!

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    Sports FTW.

    For me, if I&#39;m interested in a sport, the forum interests me as I can share my views with other members of the same interest.

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    I like either gaming, administration, or general chat forums.

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    It depends what you are after I guess. I have some golf forums I check out when I am looking for help or club reviews. I have a pet forum that I own and I have read some general forums and webmaster forums.

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    I basically like entertainment forums tv, movies, music, games etc

    I don&#39;t like sports forus

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