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Thread: Free vs. Paid Webhosts

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    RE: Free vs. Paid Webhosts

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos' pid='630' dateline='1278025015

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiz' pid='625' dateline='1277980118

    Depending on what your looking to do, would way heavily on paid vs free. I would suggest free if it's going to be the first site you run. It's a good learning tool. Getting involved with a paid host allows so many more options that may confused the less inexperience webmasters.
    Such as?

    Ok on a free hosting, your very limited on what you can do. Skins,add ons are just a click away. Also lacks in bandwidth, security, and limits what type of site you can have. Paid hosting: Now webmaster needs to purchase a domain, get a script (MyBB, Vb, etc..) and a ftp. Decide offshore hosting or not,whois protection Need to know how to upload scripts, skins,addons, and get familiar with html.Knowledge on control panel is a must.

    What type of advertising program to help offset site cost. meta description,title,seq,

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    RE: Free vs. Paid Webhosts

    Ah, interesting. Thanks for the observation.

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