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Thread: Freedom of Speech

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    How much freedom of speech do you allow on your forum?

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    Lol we allow our members to speak their mind, but if they're going to say something rude, they better say it diplomatically. I mean, you can't out someone because they have a different opinion from yourself, or they are saying something you dont like

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    I allowed most words to be said, but preffered no bad words pointed at anybody.

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    The owner of this forum is very lenient except he doesn't allow a lot of swearing.

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    My forum is a laid back type of place. I won't allow people to directly insult me, staff, the forum or other members just out of the blue. That sort of stuff should be kept private.

    I mostly enforce the common sense rule.

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    we allow swearing on our site aslong as its in moderation and not aimed at any other members in any way,

    plus we also have a non moderated section where apart from the forum rules which must be abided by members are free to post what they want.

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    As long it's not rude, I'm allowing it.

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    [quote name='Coppa' date='24 April 2010 - 10:28 PM' timestamp='1272144525' post='14567']

    As long it's not rude, I'm allowing it.


    What do you define as rude though?

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    I say about 95% on my forum. Occasionally saying words like "shit" and "fuck" might be acceptable as long as it's not excessive. I also allow most levels of criticism, unless it's ridiculously childish.

    I do disallow spam, though, so I can't be 100% free .

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    I don't think there is such thing as freedom of speech but so long as users follow my rules, I let them post what they want

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