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Thread: Friends with the owner

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    Do you ever join a forum because you are friends with the owner, rather than the site genuinely interesting you?

    I've done it once or twice I think

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    I help a few of my hardworking friends out every now and then.

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    No not know any owners....

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    I have done once or twice, i normally make 10 posts then leave because the site doesn't interest me.

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    yes I joined quite a lot of forum just because thats my friends forum even if I don't want to. They keep mailing me join please join, then how can you ignore or avoid.

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    I have done it many times. When a friend asks you to join his forum and help him, you just can't say NO!

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    Till now i have not done like this. I always joins the forum because of popularity.

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    Yes, kind of!

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