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    A bit of a strange thread, but do funny admins make you enjoy the community more and entice you to me more active?

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    I don't know. I wouldn't want a strict admin, but a funny admin may be bad when it comes to dealing with strict situations. However, some humour is better than none

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    Belong to a couple of forums where there is humor........admin and mods...

    Makes it a little more fun to participate.......

    Serious discussions and a smile every now and then....

  4. I'd like them to be humorous. this is also the reason why i somehow like v7n. mods are funny

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    Yea, like David said, a more laid back, easy going, and humorous admin is much better than a strict admin. I love when the admins make jokes, and it gets the whole community going when they start like a monthly update topic titled like, "forum closing"

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