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Thread: Hacked

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    Has your forum/website ever been hacked? If so, how serious was it?

    I was hacked once before though I got a friend to fix it... and it was a real life friend who hacked it.

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    Re: Hacked

    My site has never been hacked. I try to keep my security at maximum.

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    Re: Hacked

    Nope, never been hacked. I don't make enemies and I do have a secure password.

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    Re: Hacked

    I was hacked once. Made sure that has never happened again.

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    Re: Hacked

    I had a site of mine hacked once, was nothing serious though since it was just the index page of the forum and not the database. I had left it 777 on accident after testing some things and forgot to set it back :P

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    Re: Hacked

    Well i've never been hacked, mainly because when ever i start forums they usually end up in the trash :/

    and also I try not to make enemies, its just pointless to have enemies if you could just make more friends ! ...

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    Re: Hacked

    Yeah I've been ddos'ed, and hacked. Lost everything and backups were deleted too.

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    Re: Hacked

    Never been hacked Been pretty lucky on that aspect.

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    Re: Hacked

    My sites have never been hacked, but the host has once, and also, a site I used to own got hacked after I owned it.

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    Never been hacked and I go though all the possible ways of preventing it. I mean all the possible ways. Only picking staff I can trust, things of that nature.

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