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Thread: Have you ever been banned?

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    Yeah, Peerfly denied my application twice without stating clear reasons. Although they deny it, I have the impression they don't accept publishers from certain countries.
    Overall, the impression I have from them is really negative, and some of their staff couldn't hardly be more arrogant.

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    Got Banned today in DP. Hell. Don't know why they banned me. They just said that you are banned till nov of some date due to infractions. It makes me feel like i should not go back to DP never and ever. I feel like what they are thinking about themselves. That is why they are being lost their value in the market due to banning people without reasons too. I can't even think of what would be the reason of banning me. Now i can put my hand on my heart and say heart fully that I hate DP.

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    I've been banned only once because of my silly post. It was only when i just started the forum community.
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  4. Yes, I've baned several time when I did'nt understand rules of some forums and now I learn from this and try to avoid this

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    i get ban again cause telling shawn 3 like to make post in market will cause more issue and showing him someone actually selling 3 like in = permanent ban again

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