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Thread: Have you ever been banned?

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    Have you ever been banned?

    I'm sure most of us have been banned on a forum before.

    What are some of your stories?

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    RE: Have you ever been banned?

    i have been banned only once in my life and that was when i was a small kid and my brother told me to register as his fake referral from the same connection :P

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    RE: Have you ever been banned?

    I got banned on a site because i caught the owner selling a scam, and when i brought that publicly i got an IP ban...

    His site was dead a month later because no one bothered joining and DDOS was becoming a daily basis, the guy was a total asshole.

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    RE: Have you ever been banned?

    I was banned once for challenging the staff. It was when I was less mature, and the owner actually disliked me. It was mostly a weak challenge, just querying their actions, and he must've got fed up with me. But, he unbanned me a few minutes later, and we were all good.

    (After falling in/out 5 more times over the course of a few months we finally deleted eachother.)

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    RE: Have you ever been banned?

    I got banned permanently by EA because i was hacked and my account was used to hack hundreds of closed beta accounts

    Got banned on a gaming forum because one of the staff who was an online contact of mine didn't like the fact I mentioned i knew him for some strange reason and made a story up to get me banned like an immature kid.

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    RE: Have you ever been banned?

    Got banned at a site for letting members know that admin stole members from another site he was staff at. Same moron made a back up from his buddy's site and open his own. Not hard to figure out, Site A : username and password work on Site B without even registering.

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    RE: Have you ever been banned?

    I have never been banned, at least none that I can remember

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    RE: Have you ever been banned?

    I got banned from a gaming forum once... the owner didn't like me.

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    RE: Have you ever been banned?

    I've been banned for really silly reasons.

    Once I was banned for advertising another forum on my own forum, the admin didn't like it that I advertised his forum without his permission on my forum. I kept asking him why he wanted it down, cause I thought it was silly that he wouldn't want free advertisements.

    But then he banned me.

    Another time I was banned for having a link in my sig.

    Once I was banned cause they found my posts spammer like and they called me mean names! I am just a speedy poster.

    I was once banned for making a topic about kya dark lineage, although later I found out that the forum was only for the product. They didn't allow off topic discussions, just discussions about the item. (so I understand that one)

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    Jun 2010
    rochdale, uk
    my bannings:

    1. having argument with mod (1 week)
    2. admin didnt like me cause i didnt like how she and the mods had personal conversations about members they didnt like (including me) in the shoutbox (permanent)
    3. reregistered on forum 2 (permanent)
    4. couldnt register again cause i was ip banned from forum 2 for clicking the lost password link and putting the admins name in, sending her 50 emails with new passwords on
    5. for trolling a forum cause they said mean things about a forum i was on (permanent)
    6. cause i accidentally ip banned myself (does this count) (a few minutes til the other admin came on to unban me)
    7. cause i had been banned several times from a forum her friends were admin of (permanent)
    Kayls-Most Haunted Forum Admin

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