The Head Master's End Of Term Speech

Hello {Username}

Yes, Its Exactly Three Month since Hogwarts Was officially Opened to the Public, Thanks To all The staff Members Especially Professor Dumbledore and Professor Rubeus Hagrid, who helped a lot with creation and kick Start of Hogwarts.Let us look through what, Hogwarts Really went through these three smooth and lovely times

Following Where The Most Imporatnt Updates Added to Hogwarts However we had some other small but relevant changes here. All Thanks to Our staff who toiled day and night to bring out such wonderful Effect

• Skin Updatte

• House badges

• Two Live Duel Rooms Added

• Hogwarts Arcade Added

• Points Chamber Added

• Detentions brought into effect

• Points Chamber Category Added

• Gaming Galore Added (A huge success)

• The Duelling Tournaments Began

• Care of Magical Creatures (Subject) Added

• Hogwarts Official (bots) created

• Dungeons Twitter Page created

• Dungeons Facebook Group Created

• Hedwig's Theme Added (Harry Potter Theme Music)

• NAvigation Menu Added

• A search Module Added

• A recent Events Module

• Copyright Notice Displayed

• Addition of Twitter, Facebook and Orkut Affiliates.

• House Points attached to the profile panel

• New Favicon Added

• New Nimbus 2000 Mouse Cursor brought into effect!

• A Brand New Domain brought into effect

• Google Translator Added to Panel

• Donation Enabled on Panel

• CopyRight Disclaimer Added

• Conference Hall Added (For Staff)

In the second year we will be adding some more subjects for hogwarts and They will help us get to more glory. We will be Starting the Following Classes

1-Herbology , which will be handled by Professor Minerva McGanagall and Professor Tom Riddle

2- History Of magic , to be handled by Professor Cutberth Binns and Professor Severus Snape

3-The Flying Classes, also to be handled by Professor Severus Snape

Now , lets get to Our Next Bussiness, Yes, I announced another contest called "Member of the Term" and finally, Our Staff has decided and voted upon Ms Hermoine Granger and as announced she will get Her Badge and Her points, Congratulations Ms hermoine granger

The Best Member of The Award would receive The Following Badge

She would be Awarded with 100 House Points which is to be taken into account for The next Term and would Be given A Place in the Hall of fame!! Which means The Members would total Out 200 points for Their House

We also have some new Appointments as of this New Term

-Professor Cutberth Binns (History of Magic, currently away due to personal matters)

-Professor Tom Riddle (Herbology) [Promoted as Professor]

-Professor Flitwick [Promoted as 'Professor']

Now The Time Has come we have to Decide The House Which will be Eligible for the end Of Term house Cup! As you can see from the Points Hourglass, its Slytherin! And The Member which have received the Most Points for slytherin is Draco Malfoy and He also Stands as the member who received the Most Amount of Points In The Entire of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Following will be Draco's Badge

Now The House Cup, Congratulations Slytherin who has won the House Cup with 7179 points! I officially Hand Over all slytherins, The Hogwarts Term Cup (April 2010)

Lastly, The House Badges for the Hall of fame!

For Slytherin:

For Gryffindor:

For Ravenclaw:

For Hufflepuff:

Now Let us look through the updates we have done for the second Term

-New Classes Added

-New Sections like the Club house, and Muggle Suburb (The General Off-Topic) has been opened for members

-We have advanced to teh Second Round of the Dueling Tournaments and the Muggle Alleyway Tournaments has Begun Just Now

-All Deleted Posts and Threads are mopved to The Barn yard instead of just deleting them!

So, Here we are, beginning the Second Term!

-Professor Severus Snape

Head Master

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry