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Thread: Hidden Boards

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    None currently, although in a past forum I had two. One was for staff, and the other was archives. It just didn't seem necessary to show those off.

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    I have 3 private forums on my site, board room for serious staff discussion, reports forum where reports go, and a staff lounge.

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    I used to have a staff sections, where only the staff and I can see. But the forum went down hill, and deleted it.

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    4 hidden boards, but it doesn't require money to access these hidden boards. You just need to join my clan.

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    Hidden from Members: Staff Room.

    Hidden from Guests: Just the GFX forum and the Staff Room!

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    We just have the staff offices hidden.

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    One, however, I don't keep it seceret. They can't see it but I refrence to it

    "I will discuss this will staff in the Staff Forum"

    "(TO mod 1) Please check the Staff Forum, I left you a post regarding this situation in the Staff Room".

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    Just my staff and special member forums.

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    I have a Websites section which isn't viewable my guests. I have a VIP and Donators lounge, which is naturally for VIP's and donators. I also have a Staff Room and a Trash room.

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