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Thread: Hidden Boards

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    About how many boards on your forum are hidden from guests, and normal members?

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    two they are the dump bin where we put all the posts that are to be deleted or reviewed and the development thread where we put our ideas for the site.

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    aorund 4

    most are staff rooms though

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    None really except the staff trash/room.

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    Only rooms like Admin Room, Mod Room, etc.

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    One thing I hate is when forums are viewable on the index but you can't read topics. Thought I'd bring it up as another discussion point

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    Staff Room (all...6 of them), Premium Room, The Birds and The Bees I think xD, Graphic Tutorial forums, Member Lounge Forum, wow, a lot I guess...But it&#39;s because we have a lot >.< So we just hide most of it, and you have to join to see what you can get~~

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    I don&#39;t like forums that block content to unregistered lurkers. Usually they decide the forum isn&#39;t that interesting after they find out they have to register. Poseidontech only has 1 hidden board, AKA the Staff Room, where the staff hang out and make decisions.

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    If I told you, I&#39;d have to kill you. A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    Private forum Im on has about 3 hidden forums

    Staff Discussion forum

    Trash Forum

    Special Warez (Extremely Good download links)

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