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Thread: Hiring staff

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    There isn't really a policy except the best candidates will be picked

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    I just watch over the forum, and hold elections when good candidates are around. I don't trust those "WILL MOD UR FORUM! WILL PAY $$$" topics.

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    I don't see why people hire for Admins. You hire for Mods first, as Admins can REALLY mess up your forum!

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    I usually pick users, that way I have an idea of how active they will be, what type of posts they make, what they are best at being and other things.

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    I let people apply, and I select anyone who would be good for the position.

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    I used to do it by application, but now i select people who i think fit the job required.

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    Applications normally get a ton of users just signing up. So, it's more work but could hook some good staff.

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    As long they can follow the rules, be nice, and have lots of experiences being forum staff. They can be staff.

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