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Thread: Hiring staff

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    What is your policy on hiring staff on your forum? Do you let them apply for the positions or do you just pick users who you think would do well on the team?

    I personally just pick people if I think they are right for the job, this way I think it helps as I pick people who I think would be a good addition to the team on my forum rather then letting

    anyone apply and searching through loads of applications.

    What do you do?

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    For hiring staff, we normally have lows and highs of staff. During our lows, we run a trial. We hire everyone that wants to or has applied for the job and we run them on a month trial period. Those that performed to the best of their abilities during that time receive the position. :3 It's actually a good way because you can determine during that time if they are up for it or not. And it's not totally official. Kinda like training?

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    We have kind of like a trial session as well. Usually about 2 weeks. If a person we want for the job has to be out for a week or more, then we'll gladly extend the time and let them be on trial for however long it takes. I usually just pick out of whoever is the most active and helpful on the board. I used to post applications on different promotion sites but learned the hardway that that is not the way to go.

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    Yeah applications to total strangers of the forum isn't exactly good :3 You more want someone who knows the forum, is known and has participated well over the time of the forum's opening.

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    I don't go about, right come on son your coming with me to work on a forum, I would prefer to wait for members who think that they are good for the job to come along, but I am quite picky. And I always find it hard to get staff.

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    I would do it by application, because people with more experience would come.

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    what we do is do it by application then like when we appointed a moderating team we hade 11 applicants for 1 position so what we did was have one global mod and then 3 others has part of the team who can only mod in certain sections of the site, it has worked well so far.

    what we also took into consideration was timezone as we are a uk board and we have a few asian members we had to think of that aswell

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    If we ever needed to get staff I would put out an application- I don't want to ask people with other commitments to think they have to. But that has never happened so far because we get a ton of people applying almost every week when we don't need or want them to, so there has been no need to put out, look, or have to get staff for my forum yet.

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    I normally ask people who are active on the forums.

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    Now, its the second to third hardest thing when starting a forum. Hiring staff is hard, because you got to trust your staff to do there work and not just play around. I just try to post a hiring staff thread on a good forum, then some people go to the forum and may register and get hired.

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