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Thread: How do you?

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    How do you?

    How do you advertise? Promotion Forums? Facebook? Twitter?

    Tell us.

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    Re: How do you?

    well there are many ways to advertise and all these differnt ways support differnt people. But What I would usually do would be Advertise on other popular and high trafficked site such as FP and use all of there advertising benefits. If that does work all I do is just keep browsing for more forums and keep advertising ,keep the people updated on whats been going on ,also I would advertise on Facebook and Twitter which could potentially attract many members if you use the advantages of Facebook right.

    I do all this for free but if you have some money and you wish to advertise you could try promote your site on Google, Yahoo and all of those other popular web browsers.

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    Re: How do you?

    [quote name="xCuCu"]How do you advertise? Promotion Forums? Facebook? Twitter?

    Tell us.[/quote]

    For Admin Community I plan on using all the above methods and will be looking for new ways to promote all the time.

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    Re: How do you?

    @ SBFC : When you said you will be looking for new ways to promote all the time do you mean Ways to advertise for free? Or will you be putting in some money for paid advertising ? or both?

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    Re: How do you?

    I usually advertise via Promotion Forums.

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    Re: How do you?

    [quote name="Ashley"]I usually advertise via Promotion Forums.[/quote]

    So do I! I will look at other ways when I have the time.

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    Re: How do you?

    I use promotion forums, MSN,

    I have a lot of contacts from previous forums I have been on so I use them to spread the message.

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    Re: How do you?

    My main area of advertising is ad forums, but I also place my sites link in my information tab on my facebook and a link in my signature just about anywhere I am registered.

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    Re: How do you?


    I advertise my promotion forums. But for some reason promotion forums are kind of useless. Do you think a person would join a promotion forum just to see some sites or would that person want to join a promotion forum to promote. That's my opinion. I know some of you guys got some backups.


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