How to get Active Members?

"Da Guide"

This is a pretty simple guide I will be writing to you in response to this topic: It seems have problem finding or getting active members on there forum, this guide will explain on how to get them in a basic example.


First of all which genre of forum did you make ? What type of people are you trying to attract ? Anime fans, gamers, techy computer fans, and so on ... I suggest even before making your forum but just having the idea of making a forum in your head. You should first try to make "friends." Thats rigth friends are the key to success for anytype of forum. I am a member on a forum of who the team know each other in real life. There some mates who talked about making a forum for anime fans, and so the did and it was and maybe is still very active and going good. The point is they knew other in real life they could show what they think about something or how to handle something in a group in the same room, if they did that ever I am sure but did or do alot of "meetings in real life" I don't know. Anyway they are friends and there teamwork is great. Now my guide isn't about having friends become staff but friends becoming member of your forum when you just released it or are having it open to everyone for a long time.


Now if you got a gaming forum then you should play alot of games on Xfire, Steam, etc .... online recommended so much as you can one guy or more. And team up, come over social, try to chat with the players as much as you can. Or just play and try to play again with the same player and each time with some talking you get to know where he is from, age, what other games he playes, etc .... (Then your choice.) After the first game you tell all players about your gaming site, or you pick one out and try to make him a friend of you and tell him in private about your gaming site. AND that is in short how to do it, ONLINE.


I run a C&C fan community, I advertise online in the C&C games. I play alot make my self known by most players. So they all know a bit if they see my username on a room or in the chat. The point is I play online now Red Alert 3. I play mostly automatch and try to get a conversation started with the other guy while having fun playing the game. It mostly goes like:

Me: Well hello

Stranger: Hi

Me: Where from ?

Me: Me Belgium

stranger: says country name

Me: cool (extra comment or something)

Me: How old ?

Me: I am 17

Stranger: says age or not

etc .... after a while I ask if I am winning or losing if he wants to check my C&C site. Most of the time they say "ok, sure, yes." BUT That doesn't mean yet you have +1 active member after this game. There happens either this 4 things:

  1. The person is to lazy and never checks out, even if you remind him a other day.
  2. He checks out the site, says its nice or bad, but doen't become more then a guest.
  3. He checks out and joins and you got +1 member.
  4. Guy can just ingnore you without conversation and play the game.

But to get him active you got to build a longer relation with the player. Then it is recommend not telling him about site, but adding him to your friend list playing some games with him and after a day or 3 when you know each other better tell him and he will be active, for sure most of the time. Of course I cannot know a %100 this person you played with 3 days will become active. One thing is for sure people you spent so much time with like 3 days playing an hour each day, will mean some of them will be active members. And that I know.


And that is my guide writen to you today.