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Thread: How long have you been staff for a forum

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    Re: How long have you been staff for a forum

    2 years for everything, except package team.

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    A couple months, I've never really spent any time on any forums until a few months ago, and I got a mod position, then an admin one, and I opened my own forum. Then I was picked to be an interviewer for a promotion forum. Currently my only job is owning my own forum. I don't stay that active to be a great staff member for a forum.

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    about 3 years including admin, co-admin, global mod leader, ptl leader, super mod.

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    Three years, starting with my forum, The Spam Can.

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    For nearly 2 years about-ish.

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    Umm... I made my first forum about 4 years ago... but staff on another forum, 3 years.

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