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Thread: How To Make My Forum Bigger, Faster?

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    I'm trying to get my forum off the ground but can't get anyone to join, anyone have tips or advice for making my forum bigger faster, this taking months to build it and waiting isn't going to work im to impatient for it.

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    maybe you should advertise your forum on other forums which allow members to have a link in their signature <---- very useful feature this forum has...actually, if you look further down the page there are a few things on here you can use, like post exchanges and stuff, which will help get you some more activity
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    I think honestly it may be helpful to take a relaxer right now. If you have spent a month working on the site, you need to chill out for a bit. You took time and spent time working on it, and I know you wanna see it go big fast, but that&#39;s not how it works. It takes time, and valuable time to wait.

    Now, if you do wish to move forth and get it going, maybe letting us see the site so we can offer suggestions. Also following what kayls said above me, would benefit you, and if anything you can go here Community Reviews and post your site, and people will give ya things ya need to work on, and what could be done to help you improve your fan base.

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    Just keep promoting your forum and never give up!

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    Make a reliable topic..Content makes your forum a community not just as a standard website

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    You can obviously promote your forum on other forums or Youtube or even on

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    very simple. invite me! jk

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    Well, just find some promoting sites (make sure they have alot of members), then advertise there. As long as you don't spam, get banned and have all your posts removed, it should be simple. If you PM me, I'll give you a few promoting sites which should help you promote your community.

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