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Thread: How many sites..

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    Re: How many sites..

    [quote name="Hawker"]Somewhere around 40.[/quote]

    Are you positive about that?

    I've been Forum Moderator on 11-13 websites.

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    Re: How many sites..

    [quote name="Hawker"]I'm very postitive. My friend has gone through 23 different Forums and keeps abandoning them when either they start to get inactive or he doesn't like it. I always try to help him keep one going and he makes me staff, but then he ends up making a new one. The others are either Forums that I was the Owner of, Forums I was Admin of, Forums I was Moderater of, and Forums I was Packager of.[/quote]

    Alright, well you must be a good type Moderator then. When I become Moderator or Global, or Forum Moderator. I'm always counted best Forum, Global, or Moderator of the server.

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    Re: How many sites..

    I think about 10-15 forums..

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    Re: How many sites..

    Wow, I think I've been staff on quite a few forums in my time. Probably too many to name.

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    Re: How many sites..

    From the first forum I registered to until now?... Maybe four forums, including my own. The other three?

    The first forum I registered to was also the first forum I was a staff member on, specifically an administrator: Skynet. In any case, I joined that forum—a Counterstrike clan forum—because an online buddy who played the PC game Tiberian Sun with me invited me. Being a member—and, later, moderator—of that forum made me interested in forums, and even when I left that place I would continue to seek out forums to register to.

    The second forum I was staff at (also as moderator) focused on anime and role-play, and was called Project-Ion. From that forum, I would meet many of the people who would become the core group, and first registrants, for my forum, The Infinity Program.

    Finally, the third forum I served as moderator at, but only for a short time (due to its lifespan), was Bobsnox, a general discussion forum. The experience here was least notable of all, but the administrator of that forum would become one of my most valued members.

    All three of those forums I served as staff at no longer exist.

    Anyways, when it comes to the first and third forum, I was asked to become staff. For Project-Ion, however, I developed such an attachment that I enthusiastically volunteered. As for my forum, The Infinity Program, that is where I have managed longest, and gained the most experience, as it's been around since 2004.


    Join The Infinity Program, my den of villains and swashbucklers.
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    Re: How many sites..


    I only manage my own forum.

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    Re: How many sites..

    30-40 maybe more.

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