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Thread: How many staff is enough?

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    On my site we have 2 admins and 2 mods, I like it that way.

    It's a disappointment that some new member think they need as much staff as they can get and accept anyone interested in being staff.

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    [quote name='Jonathan' date='13 June 2010 - 03:12 PM' timestamp='1276438374' post='17298']

    I usually start a site with 2-3 admins and no mods, but this time around I'm planning on 2 admins and 1 or two mods to start with.


    Why do you feel the need for 3 admins at the start? Just wondering.

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    sbfc's right. TheHazey or Admin Community (only using you folks as examples, no offense intended) will always need more staff members than my own forum just because they offer a few unique features.

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    Hard to say. If you got a site with 10K members then good activity then you must have at least 6-7 staff members including admins. I have got 3 staffs in my forum which has 1100+ members and almost 10000 posts.

    In my last forum I used to have 10 staffs as it was pretty big

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    My site is still pretty small at the moment so the only admin is me and one Moderator.

    Hopefully it will get busier and I will just take on people as it happens.

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