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Thread: How many staff is enough?

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    How do think that the amount of staff is enough for your forum? Currently, i use chattyden for example.. We have 1 admin and 1 community team member.. so i think it is enough though.. Our forum only have 3.3k posts and 100 plus members

    What do you think?

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    we got 6 at manutdbuzz and it works great for us to be honest we dont have one problem at all over there with staff.

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    I think it depends on the individual and how many staff members you yourself want. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer i think it should be an individual decision

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    It really depends on the size and activity of your forum. When starting, one admin and on to two mods is plenty

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    It does depend on size, but also time zone. Its best to have at least 1 staff with moderating powers on in case of a spam attack, or users asking questions.

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    It depends on the need of the site, I have 7 me and 2 in each staff group

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    I currently only have 1 mod with me at Fiction Lovers and he rarely comes on. I think I should have 1 mod on it since it is easy to run, but I also need time to do other stuff.

    Also, on Forum Carnival, I have 1 a technical staff which only helps me with mods and themes. other than that, he is just a regular member

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    Depends on the size/activity of your forum, it's not a question that has a definite answer. I haven't got many staff at the moment though that's because of recruitment issues, we are understaffed

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    It's different for everyone, but currently at my 16,100 post forum with 185 members we have 2 admins. We may hire a Mod soon, after that we'll have enough to last us a while.

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    I usually start a site with 2-3 admins and no mods, but this time around I'm planning on 2 admins and 1 or two mods to start with.

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