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Thread: How quickly does spam get dealt with?

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    ASAP. I check my email for reported posts, then I begin posting. If I see spam, I immediately deal with it.

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    I delete them the second I see them. Then I get a better human confirmation system.

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    Most free forums don't let you move all posts from one account to the other which I think is stupid. When ever I see spam, I clear it asap and ban the member responsible.

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    I've never got any, but I have very active staff. So it won't even be there for a few hours before it's removed.

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    Never had spam in my forum before.

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    I never got spam on my IPB forum. They've really done a good job on that one.

    On my MyBB forum, spam doesn't come too often after installing reCAPTCHA and

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    We occasionally get the odd bit of spam, but when we do it's dealt with in minutes. We almost always have at least one staff member online.

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