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Thread: How seriously do you take running a forum?

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    As the title suggestions, how seriously do you take your forums?

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    I put a lot of time and effort in to creating a forums. So therefor i do take it serious.

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    I take it a lot more seriously as I used to. As you know, I have been kind of lazy with forum owning, but My current site is going on 5 months strong, and I'm probably taking it more seriously now than I used to.

  4. our org actually own our forum including me as the registrant. and i think i'm the only serious

    those people in the org are local computer technicians that don't even know how to register in forums

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    Rich takes it very serious its like a 2nd job to him

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    If I own one, then very seriously.

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    I take it seriously because of how much time i put into it.

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    Very seriously. It's probably the only answer you are going to get as well. I can't imagine anyone bothering to post, "I don't take running my very own forum seriously"

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    Yes, I do take it seriously and I do my best to ensure the site succeeds though I'll still have fun and socialise often with the members. Being serious and taking it seriously are different I guess.

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