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    Do you know any HTML? I know a fair amount myself, though I still haven't mastered it entirely.

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    Re: HTML

    Yup , a bit of it . Had that subject in my university syllabus .

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    I wouldn't say I know 100% of html, but I know quite a lot. I know a lot more of it than any other coding language. And also it is the easiest coding language.

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    I'm really good with HTMl, and know quite alot of it. I had to teach myself it though, because none of the schools I went to ever taught any computer, or coding skills.

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    Yeah, I learned from books and, great place1

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    Yeah, I know everything I need to know about it.

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    As a webadmin, it would be pretty hard not to know html.

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    Im trying to learn it a little.

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    Well im a webdesigner , So i know HTML of course ! :L also CSS ...

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