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Thread: I Need Experienced Members

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    Exclamation I Need Experienced Members

    This is my new forum.

    Help me out. What should I do to make this work. Besides get vBulletin. Will? Aquarezz? Anyone?

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    "The forum doesn't exist." - really, I think you first need to fix that.

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    What is your current problem? The title? or are you looking for a forum software?

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    Fixed. Now give it a look see. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
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    I'd say add some content first in each category.

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    I'd consider a different theme. The current theme is pretty hard on the eyes, and makes it difficult to read the content that you should have to offer.

    It looks as though it has the potential to do well, and is something that I would possibly even consider dedicating involvement to - but you really need to go out of your way to make it stand out. It needs information that people want. They'll stick around for more if it helps them.

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    First of all you should get away from the free forumotion service. It's not professional at all.. and because I have a large post count doesn't mean I'm a professional member I'm just here since the beginning and I've always liked this board so that's the reason for the high number

    Keep in mind, that you're creating another webmaster forum. NetBuilders succeeded because of a lot of reasons (Will knows many people in the business, DigitalPoint started sucking and members wanted an alternative) etc. but now most webmaster forums are on the good path again, so it will be hard to get yourself an active webmaster community

    You can try it, but if I were you I'd look for something else
    |Nico Lawsons

  8. Yes Aquarezz had a point. all or probably not all but most of the people go here in nb if they're not in DP.
    if nb banned some members, your forum is maybe in the last of their list to go to as an alternative.

  9. First thing I thought when I saw it is that it needs its own domain name. Looks like you can buy a domain name through forumotion which would allow you to keep using forumotion while still appearing more professional. Look here.

    Seeing the title "Creative Money" I was thinking maybe this forum could be steered towards a specific niche or style centered around "creativity". Perhaps it could be oriented more towards web designers, writers, bloggers and others whose business it is to come up with creative new ideas (as opposed to more technical work).

    Or you could try to build a kind of a "think tank" of people discussing the best ways to come up with new business models on the web, new creative and unheard of ways of making money etc.

    In other words, perhaps put a special spin on it that will differentiate it from the rest and make it more unique. That might be the best way to compete in the crowded market of webmaster or web business oriented forums.

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    if you need new members, you should be very active yourself first! get friends to join, get se rankings, and get new people to sign up

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