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Thread: Idea, but no motivation

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    Has this ever happened to you? You've had an idea to start a website/forum but had no motivation to actually set it up?

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    This situation has only happened to me a few times.

    It's mostly because I don't have enough time to fit another forum into my schedule.

    I own Poseidontech for one, which I am very dedicated to, but also love gaming, coding, and talking on IRC.

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    omg this happends to me all the time, i wish i could find a friend who would help me stick to my idea the whole way, what usually happends to me is I want to start a forum, i really want to and i get really dedicated then after a week or two i start loosing interest, and all i really need is someone to motivate me to stick with it... which never happends to me really, and thats how i gave up on RealityFX

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    You should remove the RealityFX banner from your sig then.

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    all the time, I just don't have the money to be honest.

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    Happens to me once. It was actually creating a personal blog.

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    Yes, i actually started to set up a New Forum based on news that will bring all the latest news, but i had to motivation for that and since I dropped the idea!

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    Yea, its like you open a forum, then start to set it up, but then feel that it will fail or dont feel like posting all the topics, but you just dont post, you think you will later but you never do.

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    well, sorta. I did it, but i never went back to the forum

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    I had a promotion forum once that did really well at first. Then only the staff was the only one posting. At the end I was the only one posting. I sold the forum to someone who destroyed it and I lost motivation and I closed it.

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