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Thread: If you get banned...

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    I have not been banned before and I would contact them why I got banned too.

  2. contact the staff is my option, i should have the right to know the cause of it.

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    I've been banned for the stupidest of all reasons.

    The only time I have been banned was because of some stupid administrator. You'd think posting secret on a visible forum to guests is a stupid thing to do, yet someone did. I was a guest and read that, then posted it on another forum, actually congratulating a member on getting a promotion. Then that member, who was a moderator, got my IP and banned me as a guest, never actually ever signed up to the forum. Some stupid retards there

    But to answer your question, I would investigate the reason and then decide then.

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    Well first off, I would not get banned, I would respect and follow the rules of the forum, been using forums for a good number of years without even so much as a warning.

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    Ive been banned once, thats only because the owner didn't pay me which he kept giving me excuses, and i opened topics on the forums asking for my money. But found out the guy is a well known scammer.

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    if i am ban for doing something wrong on the forum or breaking one of the rules without noticing and got ban, i will just move on as it is my fault. And if i get ban for nothing, i will contact the administrator immediately and ask what had happen.

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    If possible, i will direct contact the owner/admin, not the moderator.

    By the way, if the owner or moderator ignore it, i will just leave

    I experience this before, the moderator is "spamming" and i get banned when i post thread tell that s/he is spamming. Then, i direct email to the admin, the admin go through the thread and i released from the banned. Finally, the moderator get banned

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