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Thread: If you get banned...

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    What do you do straight after? Contact the owner/staff or just accept it and move on?

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    Well, i've never been banned so not really sure how to answer this...

    I'd probably try to contact the owner and see why I got banned. Not sure what I'd do after that...

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    I would say that it would be wise to contact the owner as to why you got banned and try keeping a cool, level head about it, so as to maximize your chance of reaching a solution that is good for both parties.

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    I am actually banned from the official man utd forum for making a joke in the general discussion which other member posted a load of crap long after I had left the thread and as it turned out I was the only one banned and all I did was make a joke

    the thing is the three mods who dont get paid there all have my e-mail address and they all said they did not put my name forward to be banned so the people who run the site banned me for making a joke.

    I am banned for a month which is pathetic so when the month is up I may go on there and delete a view of my more personal posts with the pics of my daughter and then leave the place for good.

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    i was banned once for being to nice, these people hated me for that, so they reported me for posting porn, i never did, i was banned, i just left

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    I'm guessing if you got banned from a board, it typically overly obvious as to why. I feel like a legitimate user has to do something very outlandish to get banned. Even users who, don't necessarily have the best stuff to say all the time can add alot of value to boards if they're at least making an effort.

    On the other hand, if i'm an admin / moderator on a board and review a member whos been posting regularly with no value and links to his site. I can basically tell that he really has nothing good to say and is always hijicking threads with worthless replies... i'll ruthlessly insta ban that member and ip address. No remorse and no rest for the wicked.

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    ^ Evil, i like it i ban em as i see them , jk

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    well, i'm largely referring to the obvious ones. The people who start a thread such as

    "I'm new to web design, can you for to help me learn please? Please Help Me!"

    and then in their sig link they have 3 links to some hosting or website design bs.

    or the simple post that is a response to a thread with a specific question such as "Hey man, the other day an inner page on my site was a pr3. Its still a pr3 but now its not showing up in the index. What does this mean?"

    and a spammer hijacks the thread saying "I don't know but i think pr is important. It helps for you to show authority"

    replies like this are abundant at Digital Point and Sitepoint right now. I'd be insta banning like crazy if i was an admin over there.

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    Use a VPN chain and make a new account.

    Sorted. Lol...

    On all websites and forums I most probably have 3 or so accounts, my main, backup and backup backup (?)... yea.

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    Ive never been banned before, but I assume the owner who banned you would send you an EMail. if not, id contact the owner or one of the staff to see why I got banned and for how long.

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