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    What is your opinion on forums where the majority of the users have bad grammar?

    I usually take it as "the forum doesn't suit a professional audience." But it's especially bad when the staff themselves format their sentences like "i think thatz funny lol." That's when I decide the forum is going no where and the admin is not dedicated.

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    I've employed foreign staff who speak minimal good English, but their posts are still understandable. All my staff are great, except for a few rare cases in the past, grammar is irrelevant. While I try to use it, I don't really give two shits if others do or don't.

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    It annoys me when people can't distinguish between your and you're. But other then that I'm not too bothered and it may be because of posters that don't have English as their native language which makes it far more understandable.

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    Forums like that i stay clear off. When i first started using the internet many moons ago i used to type like it. But now i must right the proper way. And when the forum admin/owner talks like it the forum is run by a muppet haha!

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    I dont mind it, if it really annoys me, ill just edit there post.

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    I don't have good grammar. But sometimes I use the grammar checker to help me.

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    When we have members from all parts of the world, we have to realize that there will be some differences in the written word.....

    As long as I can figure out the be it....

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    Everybody forgets a letter, or mispells a word, but when its in every post, and even in the administrators post, I dont really like it. That kinda means the admin doesnt feel like taking the time to read it over, or even doesnt know how to spell a certain word, and then doesnt care if its not spelled correctly. I dont like it when every single post on a forum has very bad typing, like "wat", or like slang-ish words.

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    It annoys me. A lot. I hate it when people misspell on purpose, like a typing error is fine, but when i see posts like "omg lol tht is sooo funni!" it makes me want to tear my hair out. I think it's just because i'm so used to using proper grammar.

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