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Thread: Interaction with members

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    I see it as important that the admins and moderators are very active on the site especially the admins as it shows we actually give a monkeys about our sites,

    but what I am wondering is how much do you all have with the general members of the site?

    - I tend to have a good relationship with a lot of the members and am quite interactive with them - they know I will ban them and slap them on the wrists if need be though.

    I see it as a good thing to be honest because the general members are the most important part of any forum because with out them we would have no activity what so ever..

    what do you all think?

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    It's good to interact with members. They are quite important in improving the forum.

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    I do try to interact as much as possible with the members and a majority of the events happening on my own site, as that way it shows I'm interested in the forum becoming a success.

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    It's absolutely good to interact with members.

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    Honestly, my interaction with the members isn't great but I agree with what you've said.

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    I try to interact with my members to the best of my ability. Sure I may miss an introduction topic or two, or I might reply to it at the last second, but I feel that member to staff interaction is very important. That's the importance of getting along and making sure the community is flourishing in the right direction. If there was no interaction, the members would either leave and not come back, or there would be absolute chaos.

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    I have to have good relations with clients, especially with live support and the support forum.

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