The Intrepid Wizard Hunt 2010 is a A Live Event Tournament, which means it will be conducted in the Live Chatroom located Below our forum, accesible to REGISTERED members. The BAsic Idea f The Tournament is that Each Participating Member must come to the chatroom, and answer the Questions that Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore would be asking.The Members are allowed to pick their own field, in which they belive they have intense knowledge

Remeber, you cannot pick "Harry Potter" as your field.

To Participate , Sign ups must be registered in This Thread by filling in the following Template, Given Below!



[b]Chosen Field:[b]

Time in which You will Appear in the Chatroom:

Please Specify your Time in which you will appear in GMT by using THIS TIME ZONE CONVERTER

*Please Take Note that Your Chatroom Appearance Day MUST be ON OR BEFORE 31st MAY 2010

The Prizes Forthe Tournaments Will Be Declared In the Coming Days

The Sign Up is Open till 26th May 2010 and will be closed at 07:00:00 a.m. Wednesday May 26, 2010 in GMT

-Professor Severus Snape

Head Master

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry