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Thread: IPB vs vB

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    Re: IPB vs vB

    If I had to choose between these two, I'd go with IPB in a heartbeat. It doesn't get any worse than vBulletin if you ask me.

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    Re: IPB vs vB

    I'm going to have to go with V bulletin, I have just been with them a while. I have just started to get use to their Theme's and such.

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    Re: IPB vs vB

    I love vBulletin cause it's very simple to use.

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    Re: IPB vs vB

    [quote name="Coelho"]I love vBulletin cause it's very simple to use.[/quote]

    We have a winner here. I'm glad you choose the great side.

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    Re: IPB vs vB

    I've used both IPB (the free version) and Vbulletin as a co-administrator, and from my brief experience with both, I'd rather go for IPB. IPB's ACP is very easy to understand and use, and the themes are very easy to edit yourself. Although I screwed up when trying to edit our default theme once lol. But after a couple times of getting used to it, it didn't look half bad in my opinion. I'd show you the board as an archive, but I'm positive that the site's been deleted for inactivity. Hasn't been in use for over a year.

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    Re: IPB vs vB

    IP.Board all the way.. vBulletin 4 is buggy still, and I just don't like how it's setup. Yes, I like some features from vB that IPB doesn't have, but I like IPB better, I used IPBFree for over 2 years, and loved it. Now I have IPB 3.0.5, and I love it. So I vote IP.Board.

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    Re: IPB vs vB

    They are both great.. I'd run a forum on each software if I had the time money.

    I dont so I choose the more user friendly one with far more modifications to offer.

    (vb 3.x.x) A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    Re: IPB vs vB

    I would have to choose IPB over vBulletin any day and I always have.

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